iBliss Top Picks for Summer e-Juice Flavours

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Blue skies, green trees, beach days, ice cream. With the warm weather coming, it’s no surprise that people want to be outside enjoying the sunshine and their vape mods. More than that, now is the time to ditch those heavy flavours in favour of something a bit more fitting. As we head into the season of flip-flops and sundresses, iBliss has put together a list of top summer e-juice flavours to accompany you on those hot summer days (and nights).

1. Fresh Summer Fruits

Summer is the season of plentiful fruit harvests; ripe, juicy berries and fleshy stone fruits abound. It’s no wonder, then, that fruit flavours are the go-to summer favourite for e-juices. Fruit-flavoured e-liquids deliver the taste of freshly-cut fruits without the sticky mess, making them the perfect paring for a hot day out.

Our Juicii Fresh line is our most popular for a reason—find the fruit flavour you need to create the perfect summer vibe with your choice of MangoPineappleStrawberry, and Watermelon. Each delicious e-juice is infused with a cooling sensation, so you feel refreshed with each inhale. Ideal for vapers that want to see beautiful clouds, our entire Juicii Fresh line has been designed to deliver a fruity vaping experience that satisfies day and night.

2. Sweet and Sour

Fruity sweetness isn’t the only thing vapers are looking for: a big trend for summer is sour e-juice flavours. Sour flavours add another dimension to e-liquids for those that want their juice to deliver an unexpected twist. Of course, this can include sour twists on fruit flavours, but we’re seeing a leaning toward sour candy flavours as well.

iBliss features multiple sour flavour lines. Both Sour (candy-based) and Sour Blast (fruit-based) e-juice lines have been designed to give you a sensational taste profile each time you inhale and a mist of cloud on each exhale. With many distinct flavours to choose from, you’re sure to have a deliciously candied vaping experience that is both mouthwatering and lip puckering.

3. Tropical Medleys

Hot weather means beach, beach means vacation, and vacation means exotic food and drink. Tropical flavours have become a staple of the summer season, and this year is no different. With the days getting longer and hotter, it’s no surprise that vapers are bringing that vacation feel home for the summer with exotic e-juice flavours.

If you’re in the mood for something a little more exotic than fruity or sour, don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with our signature One20 e-juices. This phenomenal line-up includes: Groovy GrapeHawaiian LemonadeLemon DelightMalibu, and Orange Tango. Each flavour contains a tropical medley that will enchant your senses and transport your taste buds to paradise. This e-liquid line produces cascading vapour clouds for a pleasing finish to every enticing inhale.

4. Watermelon

Our list wouldn’t be complete without the quintessential flavour of summer picnics and barbecues everywhere. The sweet taste of seedless watermelon is one that has become a summer essential often sought by vapers. A day in the Summer sunshine wouldn’t be complete without the delicate taste of watermelon.

This tasty e-flavour is featured in our Juicii Fresh Watermelon e-juice and Sour Blast Melon Mist e-juice for those that love a sour twist. For purists that want to experience watermelon uninhibited, we recommend our e-Splash Watermelon e-juice. Free from added flavouring, this summer staple e-liquid is a sure hit.

5. Menthol

Last up is not surprising, but may be one most people don’t immediately think of when it comes to Summer. With hot weather coming up, menthol helps cool things down. The soothing feeling delivered with menthol flavours is unparalleled, and provides vapers with a fresh alternative to succulent fruit flavours.

iBliss has created an exquisite menthol e-juice that is peppermint-based and enhanced with sugar crystals to provide instant refreshment with each inhale. This e-liquid is intensely satisfying and is a fantastic alternative to the sugary sweet flavours that tend to dominate this time of year.

No matter which you choose, you’re certain to be in for a cool treat this summer. At iBliss, we are constantly innovating and improving our flavours to ensure that you’re able to vape the flavour you want, the way you want. From all of us here, have a happy and safe summer, and vape on!

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