Avoid These 5 Mistakes Beginner Vapers Make

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So you’ve decided to get your first vape and take the first step into becoming a vaper. That’s great! Before you do anything else, be sure to read this article so that you can avoid the top five mistakes that beginner vapers make.

1. Buying the wrong vaping device for your needs.

Many beginner vapers end up buying the wrong device for their needs. Either they buy a cheap one that falls apart, or an expensive one that has all the bells and whistles but is too complicated for a beginner to set up. 

Make sure that you go somewhere (read: not a gas station, like, a dedicated vape store), when you are just beginning. Most stores may even have promotions going on for people who are looking to quit smoking so you may snag an awesome deal and get the bang for your buck. As well, most stores have experienced staff on hand that can help you out by giving you valuable information that pertains to your unique needs or wants.

Got social anxiety? No problem. Google, YouTube and Reddit are your best friends for getting even more information, and you don’t even need to talk to anyone! Simply do some quick searches for “beginner vapes” or “beginner friendly vapes” and you will be well on your way to becoming a vape expert.

You don’t want to make it too complicated for yourself and cause headaches down the road because you opted for the fancy $300 vape. It’s a waste of your valuable time and money. Simple and small is always best. More bells and whistles doesn’t always mean the best choice.

2. Getting the wrong flavoured e-liquid.

Getting the wrong flavoured e-liquid could discourage you from continuing your vaping journey. You can avoid this by testing out flavours at an in-store flavour bar (most reputable places have this). The process may take some time and patience, but it is well worth it in the end.  

What’s NOT worth it is wasting your hard-earned dollars on a flavour you don’t like, that could turn you off the hobby. Everyone is different and everyone has a different flavour profile. Be sure you are buying your e-liquid from trusted vendors, the quality will affect the taste and buying knock-off juice may leave you with some health problems down the road and a (literal) bad taste in your mouth.

3. Be sure you are getting the right nicotine levels.

In the same vein as flavour, be sure you are getting the right nicotine levels. It really depends on how much you used to smoke, and be sure to ask staff how much they would recommend based on that.

If you aren’t a smoker then be sure to start at the lowest level of nic possible in order to not create a nicotine addiction. It really is best to start low, because you can always go higher. It’s a little more difficult to go lower, especially if you have an addictive personality. Or if you came from smoking a few packs per week. Shop around for sales or deals once you know what you like.

Buying sample packs can also save you a few dollars. As with any shopping, be smart with where you spend your money. Buying e-liquid doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg especially if you are beginning.

4. Hitting a dry coil or not priming your coil properly.

This is one of the most common mistakes that beginners make, but it can be avoided if you do your research and get informed on how your particular device works. Most of the staff at any vape store can do a live demo for you on your device so you can learn how to prime your coil properly.

Priming your coil means that you are making sure the coil on your vape is saturated with the right level of juice so you don’t end up burning it and your cotton.

Once you burn a coil it becomes useless and must be replaced right away… and it’s a complete waste of money (notice a theme here? We don’t like wasting our money here!) Not to mention the HORRIBLE taste that comes with burning your coil or cotton. It must be avoided at all costs and is probably not good for your lungs as well. So do yourself a favour and get informed.

5. Have patience!

Not everything is going to work out perfectly, especially if you are just learning. Maybe your tank will leak, or you burned your coil, or your batteries are running out too fast, etc. There is a learning curve that comes with vaping. 

Get over that hump and learn from your mistakes. And maybe once you become a vaping veteran, you can go back to those forums that helped you and help out other beginners. Keep that karma wheel turnin’ and pay it forward. Mistakes are inevitable and someone would be lying if they said they have never made any.

With that, I wish you the best on your vaping journey!

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