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iBliss was established in 2014 with one thing in mind, finding an alternative solution to help people quit smoking!

As a manufacturer of consumable goods, our primary focus is quality control throughout our 20,000 square foot FDA registered facility.

iBliss is more then a brand of vapor products, it’s a lifestyle!

We profoundly believe in constant adaptation through time as well as evolving with the need of our consumers.

We manufacture a limitless range of flavor profiles from beginners to hobbyist or simply someone who just want to quit smoking. However, our forte is multi complex  flavors for the avid vapor who want to wake up to undertones and mouth watering flavors.

Our brands are distributed globally through some of the most reputable companies in the industry.

We are a firm believer of building relationship with our customers and alongside with our partners. Our goal is to provide a less harmful alternative solution to every smoker who merely wants to quit.

Our mission is to create and innovate the next big hit product that best suit the needs of all vapers through constant Research and Development.