7 reasons Why Vaping Is An Effective Way Of Quitting Smoking

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Find out why vaping is an effective way of quitting smoking with these 7 reasons.

Many people who smoke want to stop smoking cigarettes but have a hard time quitting. It is difficult, but very possible with the right attitude and tools. If you want to quit, then that is the first step to quitting.

If you compare the task of quitting smoking to scaling a mountain, then using a vaporizer to quit is like have the mountain gear to help you. It is way more achievable with the right equipment. Without it, it may be near impossible to reach the top, and gets increasingly difficult the higher you go.

Reason #1: Vaping is cheaper than smoking.

This financial aspect of using a vaporizer is one that can be pretty motivating, especially if you don’t have the extra cash to blow on a pack of cigarettes every few days. Depending on how many packs a week you smoke, vaping could help seriously save you some money. 

The upfront cost may be a bit more but it is only a one time thing, whereas with smoking you need to keep on purchasing. Many vape stores like iBliss, or Phatboy E-Vapes can help you get started or even offer discounts and deals to those wanting to quit smoking. As well, many offer big bottles of e-liquid at discounted prices that can last you weeks on end.

In the long run, vaping can help you save some big bucks. If you smoke 2 or 3 packs a week at $15CDN, a whole year would cost you about $2300. Compare that to spending only $15 a week on a bottle of e juice and that would cost you $780 a year, less than half of what you would spend if you continued your smoking habit.

Reason #2: We all care about our appearance.

Smoking cigarettes has some pretty negative effects on the body. For one thing, the smell. Most people, especially those around them, do not actually like the smell of a human ashtray. Many people are very sensitive to the smell of cigarette smoke, so much that they won’t even want to be in the same room with you after you’ve taken a smoke break. Maybe even your partner complains about the smell and doesn’t want to be near you anymore. If this sounds like a problem you face then you can solve it by vaping instead. Vaping does not have the unpleasant smells associated with burning cigarettes. Check out iBliss’ huge collection of e liquid and you could start smelling like delicious desserts or fresh fruits, instead of stale cigarette smoke.

Smoking also causes yellow staining of the skin and teeth over prolonged usage. And that is not a good look, either. Luckily vaping does not have the same effect on your appearance, and if you make the switch it could reverse those ugly side effects. Not to mention the carcinogenic effects that the smoke burning from a cigarette causes on the skin. It can accelerate the ageing of your skin by decades if you continue to expose yourself to it, causing wrinkles and dehydration, and robbing you of your youthful glow. 

Reason #3: You care about the health of your loved ones.

Second hand smoke causes many harmful risks to yourself and the people around you. There is no risk-free level of exposure to secondhand smoke. It contains over 7000 harmful chemicals in it that are released when a cigarette is burned. Even if a person is not present when you smoke, the chemicals and smell will still cling onto your clothes and in the environment. These negative effects are even more harmful to young children and the elderly and may cause asthma attacks, or other respiratory issues that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Many of the health risks involved with actually smoking a cigarette are also caused by only being exposed to the smoke.

With vaping, you do not need to worry about negatively affecting the health of your loved ones as there are no harmful toxins in the vapor that comes from vaping e juice. Smoking cigarettes has also become highly stigmatized within the general public, many people are disgusted by the habit. With vaping, it smells pleasant and has never had the bad reputation that smoking has had in the past.

Reason #4: Using vaporizers as a smoking cessation tool is more effective than other ones available in the market.

Nicotine replacement products (or NRTs), such as the patch or nicotine gum, are found to be less effective than using a vape to quit smoking long term. Studies have also shown that using an NRT ups the chances of quitting greatly. In a specific study conducted by the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association, vaping was found to be twice as effective at getting people to quit smoking than other traditional NRTs. Their findings showed that participants enjoyed vaping, as well as helped them with the cravings and withdrawal effects associated with quitting. Vaping also effectively prevented relapses to smoking. There is a lot of evidence from other sources that prove that using vapes as an NRT is a great idea.

Reason #5: Using a vape to quit is way better than just quitting cold turkey.

Only 3-10% of the smokers who try to quit cold turkey are successful, and some studies cite that it’s only 3-5% in some cases. The nicotine withdrawal symptoms are what makes it hard for smokers to quit because your body is so dependent on it. Using a vape will mitigate those bad effects of quitting and allow you to make a smoother transition towards kicking that smoking habit.

Some of the things you may experience when you are trying to quit cold turkey is higher irritability and nausea. Causing you to be a very unpleasant person to be around. With vaping, you don’t go through traditional withdrawal symptoms and you are able to wean yourself away from the nicotine in a controlled manner.

If you have been smoking for a long time then the effects of withdrawal will affect you more intensely. Quitting cold turkey is usually not recommended, even by doctors, if you want the best chance of succeeding. Many smokers are overconfident in their ability to quit, because they feel like they have power over their addiction. This overconfidence can make it particularly disappointing if or when they do fail.

Reason #6: You will never suffer from FOMO.

Most people are addicted to the break that going for a smoke gives them, or they enjoy smoking when in a social environment. With vaping, you can still keep that smoke break habit without the exposure to harmful chemicals found in cigarettes and cigarette smoke. This is something that can help you greatly if you are always around coworkers who smoke or have friends who smoke a lot. If you’re using a vape you won’t need to sit alone at a bar if they decide to go out for a smoke break. Many people fail to quit smoking because of the social aspect to it or the peer pressure associated with it. With vaping, you’ll never have to experience that FOMO again!

Reason #7: Your health will improve greatly overall.

We talked about the negative physical effects that smoking has on your appearance. But we all know that smoking does a lot of damage internally on your heart and lungs. Vaping is way healthier than smoking, and no one can dispute that. There are over 7000 harmful chemicals found in cigarettes, 7000 more than are found in e-juice. Those harmful chemicals in combination with cigarette smoke cause cancers, as well as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. There is definitely harm reduction when using a vaporizer. Once people go a few days without smoking, they will find that they feel healthier and like they can breathe again. Smoking cigarettes affects your sense of smell and taste, but only after a week or two of quitting you will find that those senses will come back in full force (super important if you are a foodie). You’ll find your lungs are healing and you are able to climb those stairs without getting short of breath. When you take these benefits into consideration, by just switching over to vaping, it will already improve your quality of life greatly.

If you’re still unconvinced that switching to a vaporizer and e liquid is a good option for you, feel free to come by iBliss in Etobicoke. Our friendly staff will be able to point you in the right direction and answer any questions that you may have on your journey to quit. 

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